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Shipping pallets made of pulp moulding are ideal for single use. Sufficient strength, low weight and good stackability predispose these products for one time use without having to deal with the costly logistics. Preferably applied by manufacturers of bulky and light weight products - in online stores, mail order services and logistics.
Recycling of these packaging is similar to waste paper.

The advantages of using pulp moulding pallets:

  • Low price (feedstock = waste paper)
  • Stackability (space saving at stocking or transporting)
  • Low weight (an "euro-pallet size" = only about 3,5 kg)
  • Hydrophobic treatment provides water resistance
  • Legs of pallets are available in "water resistant" design
  • Without pests (heat-treated)

Technical Data Sheets:

Transport pallet 1200x800

Transport pallet 800x600

Transport pallet 600x400

Hydrophobic treatment:

Without the treatment after 3 hours

With hydrophobic treatment – after 1 week exposure