Polystyrene Pulp Moulding rEPS Polystyrene

Velký Třebešov

Plant in Velký Třebešov

Plant in Velký Třebešov

Headquarters in Velký Třebešov

Headquarters in Velký Třebešov

NOVOPOL s.r.o. - Velký Třebešov 20, Česká Skalice, 552 03
GPS: Loc: 50°23'20.173"N, 16°0'35.249"E

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Česká Skalice

Plant in  Česká Skalice

Plant in Česká Skalice

Plant in  Česká Skalice

Plant in Česká Skalice

NOVOPOL s.r.o. - Bezručova 88, 552 03 Česká Skalice
GPS: Loc: 50°23'30.563"N, 16°2'13.751"E

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  • Establishment of Zero Krčín v.o.s. in Nové Město nad Metují
  • Start of production of foam polystyrene, focusing mainly on the building industry
  • Design of special machines for the production of EPS for own use


  • Change of name and status to NOVOPOL a. s. (joint stock company)
  • Ranking among the largest producers of foam polystyrene in the Czech Republic
  • Strengthening the position of a significant supplier of facade insulating systems


  • Entry into Association of Expandable Polystyrene Producers Czech Republic (NOVOPOL a. s. one of the founder members)
  • Commissioning of a new administrative building in Česká Skalice, where the sales of thermal insulation materials and insulation systems segments were relocated


  • Certification of NOVOPOL a. s. management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9002 (granted by Český průmyslový registr s. r. o.)


  • Focus on the production of packaging for consumer electronics and home appliances
  • Start of cooperation with leading manufacturers of the above mentioned products
  • Expansion in the production and sale of packaging made of polystyrene foam
  • Significant headway in the company promotion and trade
  • Sale of building activities to a specialized multinational company


  • Opening of modernization of the production site in Velký Třebešov - extension of the production hall


  • Completion of the infrastructure expansion in Velký Třebešov
  • Start of polystyrene waste processing
  • A new product type introduced on the market – drainage boards with geotextile

2006 - 2008

  • Construction of a distribution hall in Velký Třebešov, treatment of outdoors, building of quality fencing around the production area
  • Commissioning of new machineries (resulting from the continual increase in production): A fitting machinery, a moulding machine, a block form, a cutting line and a pre-expander for the production of Neopor
  • Substantial investment and economic progress of the company

2008 - 2009

  • Weakening of the company's development due to the global economic crisis
  • Saving operation, reducing overhead costs, streamlining productions


  • The revival of the company's development after the crisis
  • Extension of product range
  • Purchase of a new line for the production of environmentally friendly packaging made from pulp moulding

2013 - 2015

  • Infrastructure construction and commencement of production of EPS fittings in Česká Skalice
  • Installation of machinery for EPS recycling in Česká Skalice

NOVOPOL a. s. holds 7 patents in the manufacturing and recycling of EPS, 3 moulded fibre products registered as industrial samples and "NOVOPOL" trademark.