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The boards are made of foam polystyrene EPS 200. These are provided with a grid on a top side, formed by a circular target, into which the floor heating system is to be laid, in 63 pitches or 75 mm.

The locks joining boards prevent arising of thermal bridges and thereby leakage of energy into the lower layers. The boards have a degree of flammability C1 according to CSN 730862, reaction to fire - class E is at least, according to DIN-EN-13501-1.

Trade mark Board size mm) Covering area (m2) Pipe diameter (mm) Pipe pitch size(mm) Package(pcs) PE film(m2)
NR 63 1020×510×50 0,52 Hose
16 and more
63 12 6,24
NR 75 1050×600×50 0,63 75 12 7,56