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Boards NH 25 (material EPS 150) are designed for conventional assembly using the casting concrete - available in white colour; boards NH35 (material EPS 200) are designed for dry assembly (Fermacell, Cetris) – available in red colour (both for floor heating systems).

A special grid on the top side allows the floor heating tubes pitch of 125 mm. The boards have a degree of flammability C1 according to CSN 730862, reaction to fire - class E is at least according to DIN-EN-13501-1.

Trade mark Board size (mm) Density (Kg/m3) Colour-coded Pipe diameter (mm) Pipe pitch size (mm) Package(pcs) PE film (m2)
NH 25 1000×500×40 25 white Hose
16 - 17
125 12 6
NH 35 1000×500×40 35 red 125 12 6